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Juniper Tree Juice & Coffee Bar


Our Story

Fostering Community and Health

Since 2017

In August 2020, Amanda and her husband, Andy purchased Juniper Tree. Their shared love of coffee drove them to seek out the opportunity to share that affinity outside their own walls. What they didn’t know was how much they’d love juice, too! They had the desire to find a cozy, comfortable, and inviting space for customers and they found it at Juniper Tree; it was just the opportunity they were looking for to channel their loves into a unique part of the Chester Springs community.


The history and mission of Juniper Tree Juice and Coffee Bar immediately spoke to Amanda and Andy. It was started as Juniper Tree Wellness Center and Juice Bar in July, 2017 by Laura Parker. Laura was passionate about supporting local farmers and using organic ingredients when possible. She believed the benefits to eating raw and organic ingredients can not only positively benefit the environment but also the body. She felt the need for more healthy on the go options was crucial. Amanda and Andy share Laura’s passion for supporting local businesses and the focus on healthy, accessible choices and continue to promote it every day at Juniper Tree.


Meet the Wilkes Family

Amanda remembers her first cup of coffee. She was eight years old sitting at her Nanny and Pop-Pop’s kitchen table. Her grandfather would make her a cup of decaffeinated Sanka instant coffee. To this day, she can still remember the aroma and the flavor, and the extra sugar (he called it love) her grandfather would put in it to make it sweeter. It was at that kitchen table, where so many memories were made, that Amanda’s love of coffee was born. Thirty years later, her love continues to grow.


No stranger to hard work, Amanda worked in coffee shops, even managing a few, while working toward her high school and college degrees. After college, Amanda followed her passion for education, she worked in the classroom as a special education teacher for over ten years and spent time in corporate and advancement offices driving the trajectory of learning for so many students. While sharing knowledge and teaching is a value that Amanda strongly believes in, she felt there was something pulling her in a different direction – her love of coffee. With Juniper Tree, Amanda is able to combine both her passions, coffee and the ability to share the knowledge of healthier options for all members of the family. 


Throughout Andy’s life, he has always had a passion for sport and healthy living. His experiences playing soccer in England and coaching soccer in England and the U.S. to all age groups, most recently school-age children, has driven his passion for the integration of healthy eating and exercise. His passions combined with Amanda’s made the decision to purchase Juniper Tree a no-brainer.


Amanda and Andy have two daughters, Andrea and Anna. Andrea loves to sing and dance and play soccer, just like her Dad. Anna loves sharks and unicorns. Now, they love making (and drinking!) smoothies with their Mom. They’re excited to take on the role of “Official Taste-Tester” for when new menu items are explored!

The Wilkes family is excited to begin this next chapter in their lives. They are thrilled for the opportunity to join the Chester County community by combining their passion for running a small business with healthy living.


We appreciate your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Amanda and Andy

Wilkes Family- Juniper Tree

Dedicated to Catherine and Sam Wheeler

Not unlike your grandparents’ house, special things happen in a coffee shop. Encouragement is received, ideas and big dreams are discussed, and love is shared. Juniper Tree symbolizes strength and hope. Catherine and Sam always believed in their grandchildren’s dreams, provided encouragement, and loved unconditionally. Amanda and Andy are proud to continue their legacy by providing a warm and welcoming place for friends and family to come together. Juniper Tree is a place  to feel refreshed, feel refueled, feel encouraged, and most importantly, a place where everyone belongs, just like your grandparents’ house.

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