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Our Mission

Real Food

Amanda and Andy Wilkes’ mission for Juniper Tree is to give their customers a place to celebrate life’s special moments. Juniper Tree aims to bring people together  with good  conversations and a familiar, friendly atmosphere. The coffee and juice bar creates  a welcoming vibe that stands out from the crowd. Juniper Tree creates the openness and  sense of ease that talking and sipping a cup of coffee is known for providing. The team takes great pride in cultivating that open environment and considers it their responsibility to ensure the customers have a good experience and leave the juice and coffee bar happy. 

In the spirit of Amanda’s love for teaching, one of her goals is to host coffee and juice sessions for the public, to make a connection between serving coffee and smoothies, and to impart knowledge to the customers of the beverages and food they are ordering. Amanda’s team embraces this goal and takes the time with every guest to introduce the products that Juniper Tree serves and answer any questions they have about the food, drinks and the shop in general. 


Products and Services

Juniper Tree’s menu offers healthy options like fresh-squeezed juices, smoothies, acai bowls, protein shakes, and wellness shots.


In addition, the cafe proudly serves La Colombe coffee.


The menu features organic produce in its drinks, such as pineapples (one of Amanda’s favorites) and lemons, which are sourced from local farms in areas where the produce can be grown all year round. 


Juniper Tree is an easy and convenient way for people to get delicious fresh pressed juice, smoothies, protein shakes and other great treats that are made from fresh and local ingredients. The cafe offers fruit bowls made from local honey, kombucha, raw treats, smoothies and protein shakes to provide a variety of goodness to the community.

With a dining room capacity of 40 people, the cafe offers counter stools, comfortable tables and chairs, and a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. Our tight-knit staff will keep the drinks pouring and the customers happy. 

Amanda and Andy will strive to keep the heart of Juniper Tree alive and well. The tradition of serving quality and fresh food and drinks, prepared under immaculate conditions in a courteous and cheerful manner, with fair prices and a high standard of excellence. Amanda, Andy and the staff always look forward to serving their guests.

Consistent and Affordable

Amanda and Andy believe in the value of your dollar, so the menu will remain consistent and affordable. Not only will patrons be able to dine on simple, tasty, comfort food, they will do so in a cafe that is a staple in the Chester Springs community.


The experience at Juniper Tree’s goal is to provide welcoming inclusivity to locals and visitors alike. One of the defining mantras during the COVID-19 pandemic has been: “Support the things you love now, so they will be around later.” Our customers care deeply about the culture of their community and town. And the team at Juniper Tree will return that same love and care to them.

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